Sunday, January 31, 2010

Target Mossimo Boots


Steven Madden "Intyce" Boots... $129.90

Target Mossimo Version... $34.99

Which would you choose?! I went with the target version and I am loving these boots right now! I find myself wearing them a lot, like, too much, so when I saw that the boots went on clearance for $20.99 you know I HAD to pick up a pair in black!! What a steal!

xoxo Leah

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nail Polish


I have been on a nail polish kick lately! It all started out when I realized I could get China Glaze at Sally's Beauty Supply with a pro card for $2.99! I am also able to get OPI & Essie from a different beauty supply store for $4.00 & $4.25 so I can't pass up that!! Although that sounds cheap, I have come to realize that Ulta sometimes runs sales on polishes that turn out to be cheaper than that!
Anyways, I have been on the hunt for a coral color after I have seen on a few blogs that it will be big for spring. I have also been looking for a soft grey color. Leave it to Essie to have everything I was looking for! I ended up picking up Tart Deco & Chinchilly! After looking at swatches online, I have a feeling I will love both these polishes!

I also got a peek at OPI's Alice In Wonderland collection. Not that impressed. My sister picked up the two glitter colors, Mad as a Hatter & Absolutely Alice. The other two colors just seemed like classic reds. Blah, I would have expected crazier colors!

xoxo Leah


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