Saturday, February 27, 2010

China Glaze- Up and Away (ish)!


So as soon as I saw swatches of four leaf clover from the Up and Away collection by China Glaze I knew I had to have it! I know I'm kind of late on this collection, but I had to wait until Sally Beauty Supply had the collection in stock so I could get them at $3.25 each, instead of paying the $6.25 that Ulta charges! My Sallys said they wouldn't be getting the collection in until March, so when I went in for a quick browse, I was SHOCKED when I saw the Up and Away collection! I knew I had to get four leaf clover and lemon fizz, but then I laid my eyes on.... High Hopes. It was just too pretty of a color to leave sitting there on display!
I've also been craving a aqua(ish) blue ever since the OPI Hong Kong collection came out, so I ended up picking up Shower Together as well. It similar to OPI's Suzi Says Feng Shui, but not exact. I still love it!

On my pinky I have Lilacism (not really a fan) , then Shower Together, Yellow Fizz, High Hopes & Four Leaf Clover. Four Leaf Clover doesn't photograph well at all! It is way more of a green than a teal and I LOVE it!
Overall I was a big fan of this collection! Re-fresh mint is also a great looking color and even though I already have Essie's Mint Candy Apple, I may still need to pick it up! What did you think of this collection?!

xoxo Leah

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines Day Goodies


I know Valentines Day was a week ago, but I thought I'd share with you what I picked up. Well... I picked up almost of these items is STILL on my wishlist!

Aren't these pants cute!? I think they'd be great for spring with a pair of black flip flops and a white/grey/black t-shirt! I found them while browsing the gap sales section and for $17.99 I thought they were a steal!

I had to pick this up at Forever21! Its got that Chanel quilted look and I'm loving the bow!

This pillow is freaking HUGE & incredibly soft! My boyfriend picked it up for me at Target, but mine is in pink! (a big thank you to my sister for modeling it in the store!)

If you don't have this mascara and love big, bold eyelashes, RUN to your nearest drugstore! I'm not sure if its being sold anymore but it is AMAZING and only $5!

I sooo want this color. Scratch that, I NEED this color in my life, ASAP. The only problem is I have never spent $34 on a lipstick and I'm kind of scared to do it!! After seeing Belle Du Jours swatch I have a feeling I'll be picking it up pretty soon...

xoxo Leah

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FLIRT! Cosmetics


So, i generally hate Kohl's. I find myself in there only if they have major sales on home decor. During one of those sales, I happened to stumble upon their make-up section where I found FLIRT! Cosmetics. I hadn't heard of the brand beside a college roommate having a few of their make-up brushes. I decided to swatch a few of their lipsticks and was actually quite surprised! The lipsticks felt like chapstick with colors infused! I say this because they seemed as moisturizing as a chapstick, yet they had the colors of a lipstick! I checked the price and noticed that they were $12, which seemed like a bit much for a line that I hadn't heard much of, so I headed into the sale section where I found Peekaboo lipstick. Once I took it home, I fell in love. I ended up going back and finding another pink color on sale called Enchant for only $6. Thats more like it!! Here are some pictures for you to see for yourself!

Enchant on the left and Peekaboo on the right.

And the swatches (they are brighter in person, I swear!) Enchant is on top and Peekaboo is on the bottom.

Overall I would totally recommend everyone give them a try! If you can find a few on sale like I did, even better!!
xoxo Leah


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