Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Revlons Fashion's Night Pout


Heard a few people talk about this lipstick and how hard it was to find so of course I had to run out and see if I could find it for myself. Out of all places, I ended up finding the last one on display at my local Wegmans. The swatch on the top looks really similar to Revlons Soft Nude- but SOMETHING had to be different!

Soft Nude on top- Fashion's Night Pout on the bottom

There definitely is a difference- but not by much. Soft Nude is more bold/peachy, while Fashion's Night Pout is a bit more subtle. But what I love about it most is the fact that it's exactly that, subtle . Wearable to work without being looked at by the older women who are probably thinking whats on her lips?

I didn't wait for a sale on this shade because its "Limited Edition" so it cost me $7.99. If you can find it, pick it up. Wearable nudes aren't that easy to come by!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Swarovski Athena Flash Ring



Tried this on at the Swarovski store yesterday and I fell in love. I didn't have much time to spare so I figured I'd wait till I got home to look it up. Turns out its only (I say only because I figured from Swarovski it would be more) $100. This ring would look lovely with tan summer hands.

Comes in two colors. Turquoise & Rose.


I will definitely buy this ring.... once I find it for less than $100. (chuckle)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buying Perfume From eBay


I have been in love with Aquolina's Pink Sugar for some time now. Every time I'm in Ulta or Sephora I spray it all over myself and always end up loving the smell all day. The only problem is I hate spending so much money on perfume! Pink Sugar retails for $59 and there is no way I'd pay that.

So I went onto ebay and searched for it!

It wasn't as simple as click on the first one I see and buy it. It took a bit of "investigating" into seller's feedback to make sure they didn't scam anyone. After about 15 minutes of research- I found one! Of course it was a tester that wouldn't come in the right box or with a cap, but those are things I'm willing to live without.

My grand total? $26.95 (free shipping too!) It smells the same, looks the same (except for tester-not for sale written across the back) and I saved myself $32.05

Have you ever bought perfume off eBay?

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Deal Alert! Forever 21 Smocked Knit Maxi Dress


Stopped into Forever21 to check out their jewelry when I came across this deal. $10 for a simple summer maxi dress. Can you say easiest outfit ever?!? Throw it on with some wedges and bangles and head out the door!

I picked up two colors...

Olive via

Navy via

These maxi's are on sale for $10 as is part of their Yellow Tag Deals, normally they retail for $15.80. I'd grab a few while they're on sale if I were you!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Toms Shoes Rip Off aka Bobs Shoes


While in DSW the other day I ran into these....

and my mouth literally dropped open.

How could Sketchers rip off Toms so blatantly!?! At the very least they could have put the tags in a different place or at least think of their OWN design for a shoe. The second thought that came into my mind was... are they even donating a pair of shoes to someone less fortunate? And after some research, the answer is yes- but STILL. Come on!!

This honestly makes me think less of Sketchers as a company. While it is good that they are using the same business model as Toms shoes- I just can't get over the fact that they literally copied every last detail from a pair of Toms shoes. OH, and they really aren't even that much less money. $54 vs. $39.99.

Shame on you sketchers. I'm surprised you didn't call them Tomz Shoes.

American Eagle Jeggings


Finally. A pair of jeggings that look good on me!

I've been on the hunt for a complimenting pair of jeggings for some time now. I happened to browse the AE clearance page one day and found a few possibilities. Of course the website had none in my size, so I decided to head to my local AE. While there I tried on a few pairs- but the ones with the cargo pockets & white (aka see through) didn't really do it for me.

On the way out of the fitting rooms an associate asked me if I found what I was looking for. I told her that none of them fit me quite right and I was sad that the website had sold out of all of the "plain" looking jeggings. She asked me to wait one minute while she ran to the back room. And then she brought out these lovely jeggings...


I am in love. After wearing these for one day- I ran back to the store and bought a second pair. Right now they are $29.99 in the store but if you "like" American Eagle on Facebook, you can get a 20% off coupon good until 4/3/11- making the jeggings $23.99 (or something close to that). I will definitely be wearing mine all the way through to the fall.


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