Saturday, July 24, 2010



I know, I'm a terrible blogger. I'm sorry! Between school, work, taking the praxis and trying to live, I have neglected my blog! But I'm back! And I'm back with some accessories! So, a new Target opened by my house and oh my gosh is it gorgeous! Seriously, I think I just walked around the store in awe. I even saw items that I haven't seen in the 2 other targets in my area! Anyways, here are the goods (plus a thing or two from Forever 21 & Kohls).

Shirt- Target
Evil Eye Necklace- Target
Love Necklace- Forever 21
Circle Necklace- Daisy Fuentes (Kohls)
Cupcake Earrings, Ring, Pink Ring- Forever 21, Vera Wang (Kohls), Target

As you can see I am expanding my "gold" jewelry and I am excited to wear it all! Which are your favs?!

xoxo Leah


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