Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kate Spade Black Friday Haul

I recently came across a few Kate Spade pieces at my local TJMaxx. They were lime green which totally drew me to them, but my brother brought me back to reality and told me they didn't scream "winter" (keep in mind- I have an 18 year old college student brother). 

Ever since then I had Kate Spade on my brain. While browsing the web after eating a huge Thanksgiving dinner, I decided to see what time our local Kate Spade outlet opened that night. I was also curious what the sale would be- so I searched "Kate Spade Black Friday sale" on google. I instantly found a blog post from 2010 that said Kate Spade offered 50% off the entire store on black friday. I was sold

At 9PM on Thanksgiving night I was on my way to the outlets. 

As soon as I got into the store I picked up two lime green bags. I had my brother stand in line while I decided what I wanted. I had spotted a classic white bag as well and ended up asking the woman standing behind my brother which bag she liked the best. She told me the white bag was more timeless and everyday. She had a point. 


Classy on the outside, fun on the inside.

Since I couldn't get my lime green bag- I HAD to pick up this hot pink wallet.


I thought that was it.... until I spotted this totally cute iPhone cover.

And that was it- my brother had my debit card in hand and was ready to check out.... he swiped, entered my pin, and then I spotted this beauty...


Although it has a silver look to it, in the light it also could look taupe(y) goldish. Which is perfect for my silver or gold nights out on the town. The cashier had to ring this up separate but she was totally cool with it. I have to say, the staff at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets Kate Spade store were totally cool and really nice for having a bunch of crazy ladies running around their store on Thanksgiving night.

For my first Kate Spade purchase I was totally impressed. The prices BEAT the Coach outlet and I personally think Kate Spade is a step above Coach. What do you think?!


  1. Very cute! I love the white bag and iphone cover! Kate Spade is so classy and timeless!!

  2. OMG,I love that wallet,and other things too **

  3. Absolutely love love love the inside of the Kate Spade bag... so cute!!



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