Sunday, March 04, 2012


I think I have a slight obsession. All I think about lately is shoes. Here are two of the latest additions...

First up: Tory Burch Caroline Patent Ballet Flats in Camille Pink. After Laura from Buy Now Blog Later blogged about these, I had to have them. They are the perfect nude flat and they go with everything.$225 was a bit out of my budget- so I ended up scoring a much cheaper (and slightly worn) pair off of eBay. They worked out great because they were already worn in! 
Next up: The Kate Spade Tipsy dupes I was looking for. They add the perfect splash of neon to any outfit. Can't wait to sport these in the spring. I found this pair at a Banana Republic outlet for $25 (half off the $50 retail). 

I legit need to start getting rid of some of my shoes to make room for the new ones that have been making their way to check out counters with me!


  1. I too am obsessed with shoes! No matter your mood, or how your weight fluctuates, they always fit!!



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