Monday, May 17, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Polish- Hidden Treasure

I first heard about this nail polish on twitter. There was a buzz going around that it was impossible to find, so of course I HAD to go out and "find" it. Long story short, after driving to 5 different drug stores and calling 12 more, no one had it, but the lovely Valerie from Material Instinct grabbed an extra and sent it to me! I am SO glad that she did because no one should be without this color! It's an amazing glittery/holographic finish that looks so unique over ANY nail polish. It's great because it jazz's up any old nail polish that you already own! Ok, enough yapping, here it is!

And here it is over Essie's Lapis of Luxury...

Gorgeous right?!?! I recommend that everyone cross their fingers and head to their nearest drugstore/walmart/whatever! This polish is too good to pass up!

xoxo Leah

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