Tuesday, May 18, 2010

L'OREAL HIP: Color Rich Cream Crayons

So, if you don't already know, CVS is having their 50% or 75% off sale right now. I decided to head to my local CVS and check things out. Nothing really caught my attention until I came across these babies.

I have been wanting to pick up a MAC greasepaint stick for some time now, but when I read the description on these color rich cream crayons, they sounded like they would do the same things as a greasepaint stick. After looking at some greasepaint stick swatches online, I now see that they are a bit "fatter" with more of a dramatic payoff.
Anyways, for 75% off ($2.49 each) these cream crayons are a great, more wearable dupe with AMAZING staying power. I would say they are more eyeliners, but if you wanted to you could probably pull these off as an eyeshadow.
In this first picture you will see the colors applied to my hand. (Top-Bottom: Intricate blue, Perfectionist black and Meticulous golden)

Now here they are after me rubbing over them a good 10 times!

Don't the two images look EXACTLY the same?! To be honest, I even ran some errands with the swatches on my hand and I SWEAR to you, they still look the same as when I first put them on! This is amazing news for someone like me who always has eyeliner end up in the corner of her eye! They even come with litter sharpeners on the ends too if you want more precision. If you like what you see head to your nearest CVS and pick up a few! For $2.49, I don't think they can get much better!

xoxo Leah

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