Monday, August 09, 2010

CCO Haul

It has been my mission to hunt down any CCO that is within any sort of distance of me. Whether I'm on vacation, taking a day trip or just in the mood to shop I make it a point to find the nearest Cosmetic Company Outlet. I'm pretty sure I've been to 4 different CCO's within the past 2 months! lol. So sad. Anyways, luckily I've come across some great finds!

Ever since I got a hold of the Dirty greasepaint stick I've been hunting for more. The CCO's are great place to find them because you a) get them cheaper and b) find colors that have been discontinued. I picked up Lucky Jade (light green) and Taupographic (brown/golden). I also have been loving Estee Lauder lipsticks. They have great color payoff and are very moisturizing. I picked up Honey Rose (coral/mauve) and Perfect Pink (semi-bright pink). The two MAC eyeshadows are Smoke & Diamonds (shimmery grey) and Mink & Sable (golden green). And let me tell you I am OBSESSED with both of them. They even look great when you wear them together! Lastly, I picked up my first MAC dazzleglass. The only reason I bought this color (She-Zam) was because it reminded me of the Sparklicious dazzleglass that sold out from the Alice & Olivia collection (which I totally wanted!).
Here are the swatches!

From Top to Bottom:
Smoke & Diamonds- MAC Eyeshadow
Mink & Sable- MAC Eyeshadow
Taupographic- MAC Shadestick
Lucky Jade- MAC Shadestick
Honey Rose- Estee Lauder Lipstick
Perfect Pink- Estee Lauder Lipstick
And on the far right of my hand....
She-Zam- MAC Dazzleglass

Here is a comparison of Estee Lauders Honey Rose and MAC's Jazzed. I LOVE Honey Rose because to me, is 10x more of a wearable coral than Jazzed.
Honey rose is on top & Jazzed is on the bottom

See anything you like?!

xoxo Leah


  1. Great haul! I can't believe they had greasepaint sticks at your cco already! lucky duck :)

  2. I wish they had greasepaint sticks! I just picked up dirty and that got me hooked onto the whole paintstick look! Dirty was the only one I paid full price for!!

  3. I've been lemming Dirty for a long time!! Great post dear!





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