Monday, January 24, 2011

OPI & Katy Perry

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw my tweet on Sunday about sitting outside of my Ulta waiting for it to open like a crazy woman so I could run in and grab the nail polishes in this collection! And I did. At 10:55 AM I got out of my car and stood in somewhat of a line in the freeeezing cold for nail polish.
And boy was it worth it!! I was scared at first though because this woman behind me ran in front of me and started grabbing like 5 of the shatter nail polishes. Luckily she didn't take them all so I was able to pick up these beauties...

From left to right Teenage Dream, Black Shatter, Not Like The Movies

I passed on Last Friday Night because it seemed like you would need a lot of layers to get a good pay off and The One That Got Away because it seemed too similar to other colors out there. Teenage Dream is the perfect girly glitter color. It just makes me happy seeing it on my nails!

I'm also really excited for Black Shatter. I can't wait to use it to spice up colors in my nail polish collection. I picked up Not Like The Movies because it looks like such a unique color. On my nails now is Teenage Dream & Black Shatter.

Overall, I was quite please with this collection! Did you pick up any of the Katy Perry OPI polishes?!


  1. Looks very nice!! I bought all of them, and had to order shatter! I told you some @#$%^ bought all 9...... I need to try the blue, not sure if I will keep that one. Shatter would look awesome over any nail polish....ooh and white ;)

  2. I know!!! I'm excited to try shatter over like every color I have!! Let me know how the blue one works out, maybe I'll pick it up if you give it a thumbs up!

  3. I can't wait to buy the shatter!
    Lucky you got a bottle!!




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