Sunday, March 13, 2011

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls

I used to say that I hated Kohls.

But more recently I have found myself in there more and more. It all started with Flirt! Cosmetics. Then, it was trying to find cute dresses during their mega sales. Then I found myself venturing into their other clothing line selections. The latest thing to suck me in was the LC Lauren Conrad collection.

I clicked a link on twitter where someone had mentioned her newest collection. Thats when I came across this...

How friggin cute is this top?! Can we say Shabby Chic?! Oh, and its also from the collection called Shabby Chic . Anyways, I had to have this top. I ran over to my Kohls and luckily found the last large. I always get worried with these types of shirts fitting since I have a large chest- but trust me, this shirt has plenty of room to spare (in a good way!)

The next thing that caught my eye was this jacket...

Yeah, I had to try it on. And I HAD to get it.

Here are better pics of the two pieces- check out the BOW on the back of the jacket & its interior design!

The shirt was originally $40 and the jacket was $80. Each item was on sale for 40% off. The jacket was still a little steep for me, but c'mon LOOK AT IT ! As I was checking out the woman asked me if I was interested in signing up for a Kohls credit card. I asked her "how much more could I save?" When the woman replied 30% it was a done deal.

But the best part is, when I went back the next day to pay off the credit card- the sale went to 50% off, so they price matched it! The final price of the jacket was $29.39 and the shirt was $13.99. Can we say DEAL?!

Will you be heading to Kohls soon?!


  1. I'm not great with the conversion between dollars and british pounds but I swear that is really cheap?! Amazing! some great buys! I would love some of LC's collection! Great post :) x

  2. Wow you lucky lady.I love both items. Bargain :) xx

  3. Yes girls! This was a bargain! Thanks :-)

  4. I love to shop there for ELLE too! The shirts fit really nice and last forever!




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