Monday, March 28, 2011

Budget Buy- Sydney Evan Disc Necklace

I swear- I don't LIVE in Target.

I just happen to look at everything they have for sale every time I'm in there. I kid you not, my boyfriend limits me as to which departments I can go into while there with him. There should be a group for Target-a-holics.

Anyways, my newest find is a dead on dupe for the infamous Sydney Evan disc necklace.

Targets name for it is a mouthful. Gold Over Silver Cubic Zirconia Circle Necklace. You can find it here. And it will only cost you $39.99.

Or you could go with the medium disc necklace by Sydney Evan for $1,350.

Oh Target, you've done it again.


  1. Target-a-holics... you and me both.
    Sign me up for that group meeting!


  2. Love Target and love this blog ;). Hope you can check out mine sometime :)...

  3. That looks very nice, I love shopping at Target too!!

  4. You've just made my year by letting me know about this necklace!!!!! =)

  5. @Jenn- Yay! I'm glad. It's a serious deal compared to the sydney evans necklace!

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