Saturday, December 10, 2011

Budget Buy- Madden Girl Trenquil

After seeing the I-Dreemy shoes Michele1218 mentioned on her youtube I happened to stumble upon a pair that looks almost IDENTICAL to the ones she got. But, my version are $70 cheaper.

Say hello to the Madden Girl Trenquil, which I paid $29.99 for at Marshalls. 

They are a gorgeous light blush color with multi color reflective rhinestones

And the comparable Steve Madden I-Dreemy... $99.95 found here

I stopped in the Steve Madden store today to see the differences. Literally the only differences I could see were that my shoes have less "rhinestones" in the back & they don't have that back "lip". But $70 worth of differences? I think not. If you like what you see, head to your nearest Marshalls ASAP. They also had a silver & black version as well.

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