Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines Day Goodies

I know Valentines Day was a week ago, but I thought I'd share with you what I picked up. Well... I picked up almost of these items is STILL on my wishlist!

Aren't these pants cute!? I think they'd be great for spring with a pair of black flip flops and a white/grey/black t-shirt! I found them while browsing the gap sales section and for $17.99 I thought they were a steal!

I had to pick this up at Forever21! Its got that Chanel quilted look and I'm loving the bow!

This pillow is freaking HUGE & incredibly soft! My boyfriend picked it up for me at Target, but mine is in pink! (a big thank you to my sister for modeling it in the store!)

If you don't have this mascara and love big, bold eyelashes, RUN to your nearest drugstore! I'm not sure if its being sold anymore but it is AMAZING and only $5!

I sooo want this color. Scratch that, I NEED this color in my life, ASAP. The only problem is I have never spent $34 on a lipstick and I'm kind of scared to do it!! After seeing Belle Du Jours swatch I have a feeling I'll be picking it up pretty soon...

xoxo Leah

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