Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FLIRT! Cosmetics

So, i generally hate Kohl's. I find myself in there only if they have major sales on home decor. During one of those sales, I happened to stumble upon their make-up section where I found FLIRT! Cosmetics. I hadn't heard of the brand beside a college roommate having a few of their make-up brushes. I decided to swatch a few of their lipsticks and was actually quite surprised! The lipsticks felt like chapstick with colors infused! I say this because they seemed as moisturizing as a chapstick, yet they had the colors of a lipstick! I checked the price and noticed that they were $12, which seemed like a bit much for a line that I hadn't heard much of, so I headed into the sale section where I found Peekaboo lipstick. Once I took it home, I fell in love. I ended up going back and finding another pink color on sale called Enchant for only $6. Thats more like it!! Here are some pictures for you to see for yourself!

Enchant on the left and Peekaboo on the right.

And the swatches (they are brighter in person, I swear!) Enchant is on top and Peekaboo is on the bottom.

Overall I would totally recommend everyone give them a try! If you can find a few on sale like I did, even better!!
xoxo Leah

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  1. Very pretty!! I will look out for Peekaboo if I go there. Xx



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