Tuesday, June 01, 2010

MAC Marine Life "Highlight" Powder

It was definitely an adventure to get a hold of one of MAC's Marine Life Highlight Powder. At first I placed an early order through MAC's website, only to get an email two days later that they were sold out (before they even technically went on sale!). Then I heard to order off of the Nordstrom website (which I didn't, because I knew they would most likely "sell out" as well). So finally I called my Macys counter the day before they went on sale and put one on hold!
When I got there I had to give my name to pick it up because they had already sold out before they were able to put them on the shelves! I didn't see anything else that really wow'd me, so I just went home with Marine Life.

I instantly opened it up and swiped off the gold overspray everyone was talking about and finally unleashed the most beautiful BLUSH color ever!

I say blush because there is no way that I am using this as a highlight?! It is the perfect mix of coral and pink and it makes for great summer cheeks. As you can see on my hand, Marine Life is also SUPER pigmented! Seriously, I grab for it everyday now! I almost wish I could get another one as a backup!
If you haven't checked out this color... I recommend that you do! Hopefully they'll have a few in stock!! (Fingers crossed for you!)

xoxo Leah


  1. ooh how'd you get the gold off? a tissue? your hand? i haven't used mine yet because i'm worried I'll look like a disco ball!

  2. lol, yeah I swiped it once to show how easy it comes off, but a few brush strokes and its gone!



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