Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OMG! Shoes

Just thought I'd share with you some of my recent shoe purchases. First we have the infamous Converse All Stars. I love the way girls look when they wear them so I figured I'd pick up a pair and try them out. I had heard good and bad about whether or not they were comfortable, and for the most part, I think they are. Granted I haven't worn them while on my feet for 8 hours, but for general use, I think they are just fine! I picked up a pair in white from Journey's for $39.99.

Next, we have these Rampage wedges.

I had read about them on another blog and instantly ran to DSW to check them out. Needless to say, I went home with a pair. They come in this natural color and in black, but I figured the natural color would be more versatile. I've grown to love wedges because unlike heals, they are so much easier on my feet. For $34.99, I'd say they are worth the investment!

xoxo Leah


  1. I'm thinking about picking up a pair of white Converse too! I wore chucks all thru high school and I remember they were a pain to break in, but worth it!

  2. seriously, you should definitely pick up a pair! I find myself grabbing for them a lot more than I thought!



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