Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buying Perfume From eBay

I have been in love with Aquolina's Pink Sugar for some time now. Every time I'm in Ulta or Sephora I spray it all over myself and always end up loving the smell all day. The only problem is I hate spending so much money on perfume! Pink Sugar retails for $59 and there is no way I'd pay that.

So I went onto ebay and searched for it!

It wasn't as simple as click on the first one I see and buy it. It took a bit of "investigating" into seller's feedback to make sure they didn't scam anyone. After about 15 minutes of research- I found one! Of course it was a tester that wouldn't come in the right box or with a cap, but those are things I'm willing to live without.

My grand total? $26.95 (free shipping too!) It smells the same, looks the same (except for tester-not for sale written across the back) and I saved myself $32.05

Have you ever bought perfume off eBay?

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  1. that is so awesome! i have a friend who bought chanel perfume off of ebay and it was definitely not the same.
    so it's a good thing that you found someone with god feedback!:)

    also, i am loving your blog. i just found it. new follower!




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